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Morris Plains, NJ Personal Trainer

Join us in our Private Personal Training Studio

Private Studio Cleaned After Each Client

In our private personal training center, it is only you and your trainer. 

After every session, the center is cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom. 

There is also a constant air filtration system. 

Customizable Space to Suit Each Client's Needs

The personal training center features equipment that can easily be broken down or set up so that the facility is designed specifically to meet your fitness needs. The music is catered to you. Everything in our center is designed to optimize your fitness results. 

Private Personal Training Facility

Unlike other big box gyms, our private personal training studio only holds individual trainers, providing 1-on-1 personal training. 

"It really took a lot for me to actually embrace having a trainer. I was afraid to ask for help or just thought that was the way I'd always look. When Enrico asked me how much weight would I want to lose to smile every day because I was at that number I had never embraced thinking that low. It was always losing some weight or just being fit. And when Enrico made everything real and concrete and gave me a plan I realized it was all attainable all I had to do was do it. And that was all I needed was to know how to do it or that it could be done. I mean I never in a million years thought I'd look how I look now. I was on vacation and went for a run in just my bra and shorts which I've wanted to do since I was 15. I'm 21 and felt comfortable in a bathing suit that wasn't a one piece. I mean everything in my life has improved. I'm not asthmatic anymore. I teach spin! I mean what? I bench my OLD weight. I can't even explain what Enrico did for me."

Marissa C.

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