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Unleash Your Fitness Potential and Ignite Your Energy with Personal Training for Men!

Personal training for men of all ages to get back their health and fitness.

For busy men, professionals juggling the demands of career and family, and dads determined to redefine their "dad bod," 4E Fitness is your destination for personalized training that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. It's time to prioritize your health, boost your energy, and reclaim the confidence you deserve.

Why Men Choose 4E Fitness

You’re tired after your workday, and finding time for fitness can seem impossible. 4E Fitness is determined to provide custom personal training that caters to your needs. Here's why we stand out:


Efficient: We ensure that everything you do with us is set to achieve your goals. By customizing your program to you, we can ensure that there is no wasted time or energy during your workout or wasted workouts.


Effective: With our 20-plus years of health and fitness experience, we know the exact techniques and tools to get you the best results possible. We ensure that every detail of your program is designed to give you the best results possible.


Enjoyable: We strive to make every workout as pleasant an experience as possible. We make sure to listen to you so that your program is one that you will stick to for the long haul. 


Empowering: Our custom personal training programs ensure our clients can live a healthy lifestyle beyond their time with us constantly. We empower them to the point where they can continue the work independently.

Fitness Trainer

Expert Guidance for Men

Our certified personal trainers specialize in creating fitness programs designed for men of all ages. 

Boxing on the Beach

Safe and Effective Workouts

Your safety is our top priority. Our personal trainers ensure that every exercise is safe and effective.

Boxing Practice

Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule

We understand that juggling work and life can be a challenge. That's why our personal training sessions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your busy schedule. Whether you prefer early morning workouts, midday sessions, or a quick post-bedtime exercise routine, we've got you covered.

Image by Jakob Owens

Reignite Your Energy, Rediscover Your Confidence

At 4E Fitness, we believe your fitness journey is about more than just physical transformation; it's about reclaiming your energy, confidence, and self-esteem.


Energizing Workouts: Experience workouts that go beyond the physical. Our training sessions are crafted to boost your energy levels, leaving you invigorated and ready to tackle the demands of your day.


Confidence Redefined: When you wake up daily knowing that you are becoming your best self, you feel better. Your clothes fit better. You have more confidence. Even get your wife to recognize your father figure as you throw away the clothes of your old “dad bod.” Be the man you want your kids to grow into instead of accepting the sad puddle you have allowed yourself to become. 


A complete approach: With our subcontracted physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical nutritionists, we can offer a genuinely holistic wellness program to take on every need of the modern man.  

What our clients have said

Personal Training Catered for Busy Professionals and Father Figures

We have helped everyone, from high-level CEOs to individuals just beginning to enter the workforce. We make sure to accommodate your schedule and needs.  


If you are a busy professional, our career personal trainers will meet your needs regardless of your hectic schedule. 


Dads Reclaiming Their Fitness: The "dad bod" is a thing of the past. Our personal training programs for dads focus on targeted exercises to help you shed unwanted weight, build muscle, and embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Men Ages 25-50: Whether you're in your mid-20s or approaching 50, PeakForm Fitness is for men at every stage of life. Our personal training programs evolve with you, adapting to your changing needs and fitness goals.

Image by Kelli McClintock

Steve S.

"A great trainer makes it happen. Down over 100 pounds thanks to Enrico Fioranelli. Enrico works with me on weight and strength training... What a difference."

Nick L.

"Today, about a little over a year of training, and I've reached my first goal I set for myself. For the first time since 6th grade (2013), I'm under 200 lbs. Thank you Enrico!"

David G.

"I was looking for a routine I could run for 8-12 weeks to burn fat and get some definition. At 41 years old, it's a little harder every year. Enrico gave me a very challenging routine that accomplished my goals. I would recommend his expertise to anyone who wants advanced and challenging routines to help achieve your fitness goals."
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