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Spend an Entire Day With the Fitness Sensei

Wish you could spend a day with The Fitness Sensei, one of the foremost training experts on the planet? Find out more about how you can do just that.

Enrico Fioranelli is a laser focused fitness expert and the CEO and founder of 4E Fitness. A fitness company that customizes every detail of their clients programs, from nutrition, diet, exercises, exercise form, mentality time, and accountability methods. Enrico Fioranelli has propelled over 1,000 clients. An author for 3 different fitness and wellness companies.  Enrico's dynamic and engaging training style have made him a sought-after working with a number of athlete's from kids just getting started to NFL, and MLS athletes. His topics include; his own Muscle Activation System (MAS), Unlocking your Gut Health (UGH), and Breaking down your entire program to specifically fit you. 

Enrico has worked with two NCAA Division 1 football programs, and numerous physical therapists, and chiropractors. Enrico has managed training departments for 4 different fitness center and 3 different fitness facilities.

Enrico was born in Patterson, New Jersey and is married with 2 children. In his spare time he enjoys being active and spending time with his family.

Enrico has made himself available to the market. You can spend a day with Enrico to work through issues. 

A day with Enrico is $20,000.

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